Buying Custom Rob Fillion Photographic Prints

Custom Rob Fillion Photographs

I look forward to working with you to assess your exact needs. I do not produce numbered limited editions. Each print order produces a unique photo for you alone.

Print materials and techniques

All photos are printed on state-of-the-art high-resolution digital inkjet printers. These printers assure the finest detail and the most accurate colour reproduction. Only the highest quality professional pigment inks are used.

All photos are printed on the finest professional grade paper or canvas materials. Papers may have a glossy or a lustre finish. Canvas prints are made on an acid free lignin free heavyweight cotton-poly blend material to assure art that will not fade or yellow over time.

What is "Archival"?

The inks used are the most light-stable and scratch-resistant inks available. The papers and canvases used for prints are acid free and lignin free. The stretchers used for canvas prints are made of kiln-dried hardwood. The boards used for matting and mounting framed prints are conservation grade acid free and lignin free boards. Museum grade linen tape is used to attach prints to their mount boards.

Archival is a term used by museum and archive conservators to describe processes and materials that assure the longest possible life (100 or more  years) for a work. My works described here as "archival" use only the best professional materials and processes.

What kinds of prints are available?

1 - Framed or unframed fine art prints (Archival)

2 - Canvas prints (Archival)

3 - Acrylic facemount prints (Not archival)

4-  Prints mounted on wood artist’s panels (Not archival)

Facemount and  wood panel mounted prints are not considered archival simply because adhesives are used to attach the print to the support. Although the adhesives used are the finest available, I am not comfortable telling you that they will last more than ane hundred years.

Fine Art Prints

These prints are made on the highest quality double weight fine art papers. They can only be considered archival if they are framed by trained professional framers using archival materials.

Canvas Prints

Images are printed on an acid free, lignin free heavyweight cotton-poly blend sheet. The sheet has a canvas texture. The canvas is attached to a hardwood stretcher to give it a solid support. Prints on canvas have a protective coating to safeguard the surface from dirt and damage.

Acrylic Facemount Prints

These images are printed on high quality glossy paper. The paper print is then mounted to a sheet of very high quality acrylic (Plexiglass). A protective backing and aluminum hanging rails are attached. Although the highest quality materials are used, I cannot claim that these prints will last a full 100 years.

Prints mounted on artist’s wood panels

These prints are made on high gloss paper. The print is glued to a birch wood artist’s panel with a 1.5” wood cradle. The edges are finished with black gesso. Although the highest quality materials are used, photos mounted on wood panels are not archival.

Framed or Unframed

The frames and framing materials used for my photos are of the same quality used by professional museums and galleries. Only acid-free, lignin-free mat and mount boards are used. Prints are attached to the mount board using museum grade T-hinge techniques. The metal frames used for my work are professional grade Nielsen anodized aluminum. Clients may specify standard glass or special "museum" anti-glare glass.

Canvas prints may be ordered framed or unframed. Unframed canvas prints may have a plain black edge or a "wrap" edge, where the image wraps around the sides of the stretcher.

Print sizes

Paper prints range in size from 8.5 X 11 (paper size) and may be printed 60” X 96” or larger.

Archival canvas prints are sized in 2 inch increments and are available in sizes from 12” X 12” up to 54” X 96”.

Acrylic facemeount prints are available in sizes from 12” X 12” up to 42” X 92”.


Prints are priced according to the materials and processes used and by the size of the finished product. A price will be quoted before individual print orders are processed.

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